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Do you know someone who’s struggling with their mental health?

We’re about helping you help those people, in your own little way. 

where did bdb come from?

Bad Day Bandage was set up because my amazing friend inspired me by sending me a Bad Day Bandage, without it even having a name yet. It was this cute little card with ‘Tequila Mockingbird’ on it, and inside was a message saying she cared about me – she’d noticed I was having a hard time and she was there if I needed her. It was SO what I needed to hear and it was such a lovely thing to receive. I still have that card on my desk today. And so, Bad Day Bandage was born.”
Sarah Stone – Chief Smile Maker

If your friend is struggling with their mental health, a little caring note might be just what they need, so we made it happen.

We provide self care tips and information on how to get help with every card, so your friend has a helping hand if they need one.

Sarah regularly attends music gigs to keep herself sane, she plays a lot of backgammon, travels as often as she can, works full-time, and puts her all into Bad Day Bandage.

Sarah stone

chief smile maker @ bad day bandage


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